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Did you know that BuzzFeed's top 50 quizzes generated an average of 60,000 engagements per quiz in March 2017? Or that 96% of people who take a BuzzFeed quiz actually finish them? Given their popularity, using quizzes like these for your own marketing should be a no-brainer. In this webinar, we provide you with a solid framework for creating BuzzFeed-style quizzes and how to leverage them to generate more leads.

About the Webinar

Why should marketers invest time and resources to create fun and entertaining BuzzFeed-style quizzes?

Examples of companies like AirBnB, Knorr and New York Times who've used the BuzzFeed quiz format to create exciting, high-converting quizzes.

The exact, step-by-step process required to create a BuzzFeed-style quiz.

How to promote and distribute your quiz to generate the maximum eyeballs from your targeted audience.

How to follow-up with people who've taken your quiz and turn them into paying customers/clients




About the Presenter

Anand Kansal is Marketing Lead at Outgrow. Having done his Masters in Marketing, he has almost 4 years of experience in various marketing roles at VWO, PushCrew and ReferralCandy.


How to Create BuzzFeed-style Quizzes for Lead Generation