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Pierre Lipton co-founded 1440 Media in 2017 in order to produce a free, ad-supported daily email newsletter that uses fact-based reporting and primary research to provide an overview of the day's events that Americans - from all political perspectives - can agree on. With more than a million subscribers, 1440 anticipates making more than $7 million in revenue this year and has received funding of $2.5 million from a variety of sources, including Cannon Capital. Tune in to the latest edition of Marketer of the Month to learn how this brilliant entrepreneur is transforming the world - one unbiased, fact-backed, data-based newsletter at a time.

What's On The Menu:

Newsletter Marketing in the upcoming decade
Important aspects of audience expansion in the post-pandemic economy
Why product marketing is crucial in modern marketing
How to implement significant changes using data, evidence, testing, and statistics
Rethinking the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer
Pierreā€™s secret to achieving a 10 million run rate with just 8 employees







Interview with Pierre Lipton - Co-founder & COO at 1440 Media

Forbes 30 Under 30 : Co-Founder of 1440 Media on Navigating a Data Fueled Future of Marketing

Forbes 30 Under 30 : Co-Founder of 1440 Media on Navigating a Data Fueled Future of Marketing

Interview with Pierre Lipton - Co-Founder of 1440 Media

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Pierre Lipton

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1440 Media

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